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Proactive safety

For Hyundai safety is first and Xcent is no exception as it takes that commitment further. The driver and passenger dual airbags ensures additional protection to occupants in the event of frontal impact.

Rear defogger

Removes mist on tailgate during foggy or rainy weather conditions to ensure proper visibility of trailing traffic.

Structural safety

The Structural Safety of Xcent got special attention by using anti corrosive steel, ring structure for enhanced rigidity, special welding techniques for body robustness.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

The anti-lock braking system prevents skidding and retains car’s steer ability on slippery surfaces. It also enables stable braking and restricts wheel lock-up during panic braking.

Reverse parking sensors

Useful for parking in tight spaces, the parking assist detects obstructions while reversing with the help of a proximity sensing buzzer and minimizes the risk of a possible collision.

Electro Chromic Mirror (ECM)

The inside rear view mirror automatically dims on sensing headlights glare from trailing vehicle

Power windows

The ergonomically located switches on door armrest aid in easy operation of windows.

Rear Parking Camera with ECM Display

The camera gets activated with reverse gear and provides clear rear view on ECM.