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Engine Oil

It is normal for engines to consume some engine oil during operation. If the Oil Pressure warning light glows continuously, check the engine oil level and add the recommended grade of oil if necessary.
Use Premium Engine Oil only. It is ideal for your Hyundai vehicle.

Note: Engine oil consumption depends upon the viscosity and quality of the oil, and upon the conditions in which the vehicle is driven. Oil consumption will be more during high speed driving and frequent acceleration and deceleration. A new engine will consume more oil since its pistons, piston rings and cylinder walls are not conditioned.


Be sure the engine and all accessories are turned 'OFF' before performing maintenance.
Always disconnect the negative terminal cable first from the battery.
Check the battery exterior for corroded and loose terminal connections.
If the battery terminal is corroded, wash it with a solution of warm water and baking soda.
Check the electrolyte level at intervals of 3 months. If the level is below the lower marker, add distilled water until the level reaches the upper marker.


Inspect your vehicle's tyres by performing the following checks:
Measure the air pressure with a tyre gauge. Adjust, if necessary.
Check for abnormal wear, cracks and any damage. If a tyre shows abnormal wear, have it inspected by your Hyundai dealer. Replace, if needed.

Fuel Economy

Get up to 25% more fuel efficiency from your Hyundai vehicleby following these tips:

  • Accelerate steadily, brake gradually. Plan your trip, pace your speed and avoid roads with heavy traffic. Sudden bursts of speed can prove to be harmful and costly.
  • Rolling in neutral saves 15-20 cc of fuel. Ensure perfect wheel balance and you can cover up to 20% of your distance in neutral.
  • Wrong tyre pressure is a drain on fuel. Check the owner's manual for the correct tyre pressure for your Hyundai vehicle. Better still invest in a tyre pressure gauge.
  • Only Hyundai knows what oils & fluids are best for your Hyundai vehicle. Buy only what is recommended in the manual.
  • Excessive cooling increases fuel consumption. Switch off the AC when it's not needed. Keep the refrigerant topped up. Get the AC checked regularly.
  • Your owner's manual will tell you how to shift gears according to the Tachometer and thus save fuel.
  • Take your foot off the clutch pedal if you're not shifting gears. And when you do use it, remember to depress it completely.
  • Remove the 3rd row to reduce fuel usage.
  • Accessories such as roof carriers and bumper extensions drag down fuel efficiency.
  • When stuck in traffic, turn off the engine and switch on the car deck. That way you can listen to music while conserving fuel.